Case Study

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This garage in Regina, Saskatchewan was transformed from a dirty, dusty space that was used only for storage and parking cars to a space that the family uses as an extension of their home!

The Original Floor

The concrete slab was approximately 10 years old. Years of salt and snow from the vehicles had damaged the concrete and deteriorated the surface. The surface was very difficult to keep clean despite the home owners regular maintenance of sweeping and spraying the slab in the spring. Dust had packed into the pores of the concrete which even when freshly cleaned would transfer to any surface it touched including shoes and bare feet.

The Client’s Goals

The owners wanted to create a space that they could use not only for storage, parking and as a workspace, but also as an indoor / outdoor space that they could spend time in with friends and family.

What We Did

Midwest Concrete Coatings transformed the space in 1 day! Here’s how we did it:

  • Repaired the concrete floor using TF Structural concrete patch.
  • Installed a polyaspartic flake system on the surface.
  • The grade beams and stairs were also coated with the flake system, giving the entire space a seamless surface that is resistant to the chemicals of a garage such as oil and grease and easy to wipe off in case a friend or the kids drop a drink.

What We Used

Midwest Concrete Coatings used a polyaspartic system with 100% solids and no VOCs meaning that there was no odour to the product.


The Project is Finished!

That means the clients were able to put their belongings back into the garage the following day and park in the garage within 2 days.

Because there was no odour, the home owners didn’t need to stay away from the space for weeks or months because there is no harmful off-gassing.

The space is family friendly and ready to use within 24 hours!

They immediately moved some comfy furniture, a fridge and a TV into the space to watch NHL playoffs and Rider games with their neighbours while still enjoying the fresh air and sunshine in their front yard!


  • Fast drying time
  • UV Stable
  • No VOC
  • No Smell
  • Easy to Clean
  • No Maintenance