Why choose rubber paving?

Durable, attractive, and economic. Rubber Paving stretches and contracts easily due to its extreme exibility, which makes it a great option for extending surface areas regardless of size.


Most cleaning can be done simply with a leaf blower. Ice doesn’t build up on the surface, and shoveling snow is easy. We know how important a clean walking space is in the winter!

Where can it be applied?

Rubber Paving can be applied to both Residential and Commercial areas such as driveways, pool decks, steps, walkways, gyms, wood decks, playgrounds, and more! Applied directly over asphalt, bricks, or concrete, our rubber paving will provide you with a beautiful, durable, safe surface for many years.

How long Will
it last?

Rubber Paving is very durable and incredibly resilient to harsh weather conditions. There are paving installations that are about 30 years old.

How long does it
take to install?

Typically installation can be ready in one business day. After completion, Surface can be open to foot trac in 24 hours.

How much does it

Its flexible surface prevents any cracks from happening. Rubber Paving ranks second in cost after asphalt, and is less expensive than both concrete and interlocks.