How long does the process take?

Most coatings can be completed in one day, some will take 2 depending on the size and if there are additional areas such as grade beams, stairs, etc.

Is it slippery?

We can make the floor as smooth or grippy as you like. We can add a traction additive to the polyaspartic top coat which will make the floor very grippy even with wet shoes.

What is involved in the process?

The first step is diamond grinding the floor and filling all the cracks with a polyaspartic treatment that will smooth them over so that imperfections will not show up in the top coat. We also skim coat any spalls in the concrete with cement patching, until the floor is completely flat. Next, we put down a base coat of epoxy with tint, and broadcast the flake into the base coat while it is still wet. Once the concrete coating is dry, we scrape off any loose or tall flakes to make the floor even more uniform. finally, we top coat the floor with a special, polyaspartic clear coat to seal the floor and make it shiny.

How soon after you install can I use the space?

We recommend 24 hours of drying time for foot traffic, and 48 hours for vehicle traffic.

What is in your warranty

Our Chemicals carry a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years against any manufacturing defect.

How much does it cost?

Typical flake systems will cost anywhere from
$7 – $9 per square foot depending on the location of the job, and how much prep is required to get the slab ready for its new polyaspartic coating.

How does your product compare to the DIY kits available at
Home Depot and other retailers?

There are several major differences. Often, retail concrete coatings kits suggest merely cleaning your floor prior to application. This is inadequate preparation to lay down a coating that will last; in many cases, such self-poured coatings flake off in just a couple seasons. Compare that Midwest Concrete Coatings: we diamond grind your floor for maximum smoothness and adhesion, use a special polyaspartic coating to fill in cracks, and lay down a beautiful epoxy top coat that will last many years in addition, we broadcast 100% flake on your floor when coating it, for uniform, professional finish. Those store-bought kits only include a very small amount of flake, resulting in a drab and uneven-looking top coat. Finally, DIY kits typically use the cheapest chemicals available for the job, which results in a final coating that may not hold up to even very light use. By comparison, our products are the top quality, and designed to withstand the heaviest traffic, including industrial use.