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This industrial Kitchen space in Regina, Saskatchewan went into an extensive and unique renovation including removing tiles, jackhammering, and building back areas with extreme moisture damage.

The Original Floor

This was not ideal in a kitchen that provides meals for many of the healthcare facilities in the city. The slope also needed to be corrected in several areas because the water on the floor would pool causing a slippery environment that was unsafe for the employees. The excessive moisture in the floor would also cause the tiles to crack and the grout joints to rot and fall out in many areas.

The Client’s Goals

The client did not have the time or budget to remove the entire existing floor, which was what we recommended would be the ideal scenario. Instead, Midwest Concrete Coatings was contracted to install a seal coat over the existing tile. At the same time, the facility removed ceramic tile around the existing drains and install new flange drains in the floor.

What We Did

  • Repaired the concrete floor using high-strength structural cement.
  • Applied a Urethane cement system, to create a waterproof and flexible but very tough layer base.
  • Broadcast a quartz sand into the urethane cement and allowed that to dry.
  • Installed a Polyaspartic layer using a food-safe, no-VOC waterborne polyurea.
  • Applied a second quartz broadcast directly over the urethane cement.
  • Installed a thor layer using CCRETE-MPL to give the floor a clean and durable wear surface.

What We Used

Midwest Concrete Coatings used a polyaspartic system which is food safe, no VOCs and is 100% solid and very durable as a surface

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The Project is Finished!

We had to come up with a system that was extremely durable on the surface and could also withstand heavy moisture, rolling carts, and would also dry very quickly in the harsh environment.

In many areas, we attempted to remove a few square feet of tile, and this led to many more because the floor was so soft from decades of moisture. When the substrate and cement are prepped properly, this allows for an extremely fast build-up of the new floor which can then be coated with the new system quickly.

We were able to do an extensive and unique renovation to the space including removing tile where necessary, jackhammering out all the existing drains to replace them with flange drains, and creating a clean and durable wear surface that will hold up to the tough environment of this kitchen.


  • Fast drying time
  • No VOC
  • Extremely durable on the surface
  • Withstands heavy moisture